Learning Takes Place Naturally

We believe there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to education. We believe that learning is natural. Children will develop a lifelong love of learning if we provide them the autonomy to explore their interests and provide materials and tools to support their learning.

What is Natural Learners Community?

We are a learning center providing enrichment for homeschool children ages 2.5 -10. We offer a safe, inviting environment for kids to explore, interact with others, and participate in projects and workshops. We also provide an individualized learning path for each student member. 


It is important to us to keep our children and staff safe while still participating in an authentic learning experience. We are committed to ensuring a clean environment by sanitizing surfaces daily, washing hands frequently, and wearing face coverings when necessary. We will continue to stay informed of local, state, and federal mandates to ensure safety & compliance.