Our Programs

Homeschool Enrichment

Parents choose to educate their children at home for many reasons. We want to support you and your family on this education journey as a partnership to create an Individualized Learning Path (ILP) customized for your child or children. Members of Natural Learners Community will also have access to our learning center to support your child’s social emotional development and a place for them to freely explore various topics, interests, and participate in projects or workshops. Think one room classroom setting without the one-size-fits-all curriculum and standardized testing. Think fun, welcoming environment filled with various tools, resources, and learning opportunities freely available for the student members. 

Early Childhood Program

The early years of a child are a crucial stage for brain development. It is extremely important that children at this early stage are provided the necessary tools and environment to build the foundations for future learning. We offer a half day  program for toddlers and early learners ages 2.5 – 6 years old.  Our program includes a daily schedule with plenty of time for free play and exploration throughout the room. School-age children are provided an individualized learning path for educational growth & development. 

After School Program

If you are not ready to take the leap to completely unschool or homeschool, or maybe it’s just not the right time for your family. Our after school program provides an opportunity for your children to completely decompress from the compulsory, restrictive school day to freely play with other kids and  an opportunity to learn something new lead solely by their own interests. Maybe you just need a safe place for your child to go after school, either way, our after-school program will be a great choice for families that want something different beyond the usual homework helper program.

Supervised Virtual Learning Program

Our Virtual Learning Program provides a safe and inviting space for students to focus on their online education. Teachers are available for support if needed. Parents will have peace of mind knowing their children are being well cared for and provided instruction and guidance as they work through their virtual learning programs.